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Project: In una sera d'estate 

Role: Composer

"In Una Sera D'Estate" was born from the magic of a summer evening. The scent of the night was so intoxicating that it inspired the music as I sat down at the piano. The piece is a beautiful A B A's composition, with a heart-warming moderato movement and breath-taking variations. It won a casting prize and was featured in Valentino Rossi's inspiring DVD "Valentino Nella Leggenda," where he tells the story of overcoming obstacles to become a world champion. The DVD sold 157k copies. 

Project: Delice

Role: Composer

"Delice" was performed at New Hampshire's University by the wind orchestra's director, Andrew Boysen, during the 2008/2009 academic year inauguration. The same piece was later performed in Holland by Marjiolin Lubbert's trio "Visser." This music was born from a spontaneous conversation with a clarinetist who asked me to write a piece for a clarinet and oboe ensemble. I blended the timbre of the instruments and created a counterpoint to accompany the main theme. The original composition was in D Major but changed to E-flat Major for a rounded sound of the oboe and clarinet.

Project: Chicco

Role: Composer

Chicco is an Italian brand specializing in clothing and equipment for babies and toddlers. I’ve created 20 compositions for the baby-stroller line called “I-feel.” The brief requested me to compose ten pieces for relaxation and 10 for amusement. The target audience was babies from zero to six months.

Project: MAR - Art Museum of Ravenna

Role: Composer

A 12-minute composition called "Walden Method" was composed for the artist Ettore Favini for his solo show at the MAR Museum of Ravenna. The audio work represents in the artist's poetics the passage of time during the four seasons, an idea of circular time.

Project: Trillionaire

Role: Composer

Produced by FashionTV, Dancework, and the "Di Più" record label, Trillionaire has been successfully performed in Europe, India, and the US. The track was published on Itunes, reaching the Top50 worldchart in the genre "Dance."

Project:The Windsor Paradox

Role: Composer

This was a soundtrack for a 6-minute short film. The genre was a dark comedy, and since the film was mute, the music played an integral part in displaying the emotions of the actors. It won the award for Best Original score at the "Feel the Reel" International film festival.

Project: MTV Up 

Role: Composer

"MTV Up" was a Tv-Show Main theme track composed for MTV on February 2018. Produced by MTV and Published by Groove Music.
A more extended track version is performed during the "MTV Up on Tour" to launch a new Energy Drink (MTV Up).

Project: RTI Mediaset

Role: Composer

Mediaset S.p.A is the largest commercial broadcaster in Italy. Over the years, I composed many pieces based on the brand's marketing and creative briefs. My works are broadcasted nationally and used in DVDs and audio CDs with over 245K total sales.

Project: Dramadonne

Role: Musical Director

Selected the tracks, created an edited audio file in collaboration with the play director, and managed the sound at the theater during the shows. 

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