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I am a skilled Italian composer, pianist, and teacher.
The piano's sounds have captured my heart since I was

a child, and I honed my skills at the Luca Marenzio Conservatory in Brescia, Italy. 

My work has earned recognition in Italy and internationally. View my projects for more details. 
Aside from composing, I run a thriving piano lessons

and entertainment business in the UAE, offering premium music education and other music & art services to both children and adults alike.

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Dive into my universe of music

I have done a wide variety of composing over the last 10 years. For me, it's all about telling a story through music. I love working with very talented creative people involved in the production process and helping them realize their vision.

I have a unique style of composing that is fresh and simple, never trivial or overly complex. My approach combines technical mastery with great taste to create music that is enjoyable to listen to. I strive to make my compositions connect with my audience regardless of their preferred music genre. By merging taste and technical prowess, I create music that truly resonates with people.

When I teach, instead, I prioritize the student's interests. I believe that music, like any language, is all about communication, thus building a common ground is crucial. Without this foundation, learning becomes a chore instead of a pleasure. My goal is for students of all ages to learn through enjoyment, as playing music is all about expressing emotions.

Award for Best Original Score for The Windsor Paradox film at "Feel the Reel" International film festival.


"Zoe" reached the Top20 songs in the Italian iTunes dance chart.


"Trillionnaire" reached the Top50 songs of the Global iTunes dance chart.


"Delice" was chosen and performed at the inauguration of the academic at the New Hampshire’s University by the wind orchestra’s director of "Wind Ensemble," Andrew Boysen. 


"Delice" was chosen and performed in Holland by the Marjiolin Lubbert’s trio "Visser" in a national competition.


1st Place in the "Casting Online" competition part of the international music festival called "The X days."











Awards &

Michele has been able to transfer into my son a great passion for music thanks to his excellent skills, patience, and effort. I’m completely satisfied with the progress made by my son during this time.

Mr. Gelmini has demonstrated great professionalism in preparing my child for the admission exam to the conservatory’s competition of Principal Piano which she brilliantly passed, placing third among all 11 participants.

Michele has a patient and easy way of teaching.

Most importantly, I feel I am making fast progress and really enjoying the experience.

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